The Ponies

Meet the ponies on the About Us page. If you want, our Cirque Du Cheval Performance team can entertain you with a liberty and horse tricks performance. If the party kids are under 60 pounds, they can ride the minis (Punkin and Magic). The base price usually accommodates up to 8 riders. If there are more, we can add another larger pony. The larger ponies can carry up to 180 pounds, so some of the adults can have a short ride too.

Our ponies have been trained using natural artistic horsemanship techniques using love, language and leadership. They are calm and relaxed in most situations. We do not push, pull or kick our horses. They go with a smile and stop with a sigh. They undergo more rigorous training than most police horses. Anyone intentionally trying to scare or hurt them will be asked to leave. Children must be supervised at all times. It is advisable to have one parent for each child under 6 years of age walk beside the child as they ride.

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