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Punkin Patch Farm
338 Ch du Petit Brulé
Rigaud, Quebec J0P 1P0
450 451-1158

Punkin Dude

Punkin is a 38” miniature horse. He is the farm’s mascot and namesake. He is 23 in April, 2016. Punkin is a left-brain introvert and is hard to motivate except with food. He helps our little beginners learn to focus by pushing the ball around and having them guide him to it. He is fun to play with as an adult. He’s a real party animal, so why not invite him to your party? You’ll be glad you did. What does he like to do most (besides eating)? Punkin likes to pull a small cart. His best friend is Magic.

Punkin’s selfies

Millenium Lunar Eclipse (aka Clippi)

Clippi was born right after a lunar eclipse January 23, 2000. His dad was Pere, a grey Arabian and his mom, Peaches, was a peach-coloured Pony Of the Americas who had a cream-coloured blanket with brown spots. Clippi is very sensitive to signals so you better watch out. If you think about something, he’ll do it. What a great dance partner! He loves to play. If he had opposable thumbs, he would have been an engineer. With only lips, he likes to take things apart to see how they work. Make sure you clip his door shut. He can open it faster than his best friend, Johann.


Toby is our best beginner horse. At 13.1, he’s really a pony, but that’s only because he has short legs. Everything else is real horse, including heart. He loves to play with kids, but don’t think you can get away with being sloppy. Toby is 19 this year. He’s a Standardbred cross, designed to pull a chariot. Toby does lots of tricks. Bring out the carrots and the show begins! He gives the best kisses.


This cuddly bear is Johann. He’s a 14.1 Haflinger that was rescued from the meat auction. Natural horsemanship got him over his issues and now he’s a really great guy to be around. He has a few tricks up his sleeve; he lies down, bows and snickers when you tell a joke. Get out your cell phone and he will smile for the camera. Only three years younger than Clippi, they are best buddies, affectionately called “the jokers”. He’s pretty good at soccer too.


This is Caly. She’s also a Haflinger that was rescued from the meat auction when she was just over a year old. Her dubious past set her up for a near-death experience at age 2 when she had a bout with guttural pouch mycosis (in layman’s language: a severe bleeding nose). She is only alive because of luck and a quick trip to St. Hy. Being the youngest horse (13.1 pony) here, she is the only one that is Pure Natural. She was really a tough nut to crack, but if I hadn’t seen the video of Pat playing with Allure when Linda first got him, I wouldn’t have thought it possible to get through to Caly. Now she is wonderful, considerate and a really great partner. She just needed time to grow up. Now she’s 12. She really loves to dance on-line and liberty and has the makings of a super star. She loves trail rides and pony parties.


Magic is a 39” miniature horse that is now 15 years old. She arrived at Punkin Patch Farm when she was 3, with baby Tickles. She was adopted by the farm and is now Punkin’s best friend. She loves to play and is really responsive. The kids who ride her adore her. Magic is learning how to drive enjoys pulling the toboggan and cart. Both minis love parades and outings. Would you like to invite her to your birthday party, to visit your school, church event, seniors’ residence or other event?

Adeodat Bernard (AKA Sprocket)

The last member of our equine family is twelve-year-old Sprocket. He is Wolfi’s first horse. Sprocket came to Punkin Patch Farm as a boarder. His former mom, Tia, did an excellent job, showing him how much fun it was to play with people. He even spent a winter with her in Florida. Now he’s back in the herd, playing with BFF Johann. Sprocket loves trail rides, parades, and playing liberty with his friend, Deanna. Watch for them at a parade or an event near you.

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