Warmblood or Draft Ring Training Halter


Warmblood and Draft halters are custom made.


These ring training halters are made with washable UV protected, salt resistant yacht braid. They look smart on your big partner and are easy to tie. The difference between the ring halter and the training halter with the fiador knot under the chin is that these halters do not move around on your horse’s face when the training or lead rope is wiggled. The snap on the lead slides up the side of the nose rather than pulling it around the face. It is light weight and fits comfortably. For correct size we need two measurements: 1. measure around the nose 2 finger widths below the cheek bones and 2. measure from one cheek bone to the other behind your horse’s ears. The warmblood and draft halters are custom made. Please allow up to 2 weeks.

Please contact us with your measurements and colour choice.

Colours: black, blue, red, green, tan, white/blue, and white/red/black glow-in-the dark.

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black, blue, red, green, white/blue, white/black/red glow in the dark


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