Horsemanship Rope Reins with Breakaway Slobber Straps


Horsemanship reins with breakaway leather slobber straps.


Our Horsemanship Rope Reins with Breakaway Slobber Straps are made with marine-grade yacht braid that is UV protected, salt resistant and washable. They are designed to help you get a quicker release when your horse has chosen the right answer. The lace will break if the horse steps on his reins protecting his delicate mouth from injury. Replace the lace and the reins are good to go. Running horse and rein length are stamped onto the leather.

Rope colours: Black, blue, pink, orange, white, white/green. Some colours may not be available in all lengths. Please ask.

Never tie your horse up with the reins.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Leather Colour

Black, Brown

Rope Colour

Black med, Black reg, Other

Rope Length

8 feet/2.4, 9 feet/2.7 m, 10 feet/3 m, 11 feet/3.3 m, 12 feet/3.65 m


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