1. My Magic Pony

The ponies dress up like My Little Pony characters with unicorn horns, ribbons in their manes and tinsel tails.

See more pictures here.

2. My Little Dude

We dress up with the Western saddles and sometimes wear cowboy hats.

3. My Natural Pony

The older kids will enjoy the “natural pony” theme. We have five larger ponies that can each be shared with two kids. These kids will get to brush their own ponies and will ride them naturally (with no saddle or bridle). They will receive some natural artistic horsemanship directions which are best applied and learned through playing fun games. One leads, one rides, then they switch.

4. Frozen Ponies

Caly becomes Princess Elsa and Magic becomes Anna. Punkin takes on the role of Sven.

5.Hoof Patrol (new for 2018)

Meet the equine division of the Paw Patrol. Our ponies become your favourite characters: Marshal, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma or Skye.

More pictures here.

6. Medieval Ponies

Your young squires will enjoy learning the “knight sports” — jousting (with pool noodles), spearing rings, carrying flags, crossing a bridge and jumping through a hoop of fire. Ponies are dressed in Medieval costumes. Best choice for ponies of the same size, ie. two minis, two bigger ponies or all four. This theme works best for bigger events like Church picnics as it gives the kids lots of fun stuff to do with the ponies. Because there is additional time involved in setting up the games, there is an additional $25 fee for this theme.

See the Medieval Gallery

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