Meet the Ponies v2

Punkin Patch Farm is home to two miniature horses, an Arab-Standardbred mix and three Haflingers. The minis can carry kids up to 6 years old and weighing up to 60 pounds. The larger ponies can carry riders up to 180 pounds.

This is PUNKIN, one of our two minis.
He is the farm’s namesake.

chestnut mini horse head with fuzzy mane

This is MAGIC, the farm’s other mini
She is a favourite at birthday parties.

black mini horse looking directly at the camera with a little hay in her mouth

This is TOBY.
He loves tricks, trails, liberty, freestyle and driving
and is a great pony for beginners.

Black pony with white blaze staring at the camera.
This is TOBY.

Punkin Patch Farm is also home to three beautiful sweet Haflingers.

This is CALY.
She is best friends with the two minis.

Haflinger mare wearing purple string halter has her upper lip up, teeth showing and tongue slightly out in a horse laugh.

This is SPROCKET, one of our three Haflingers.
He loves liberty, tricks, trails, driving.

Blond horse wearing red and gold tinsel unicorn horn and rainbow ribbons in his mane

And last but not least this is JOHANN
He loves liberty, tricks, trail rides.

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