Cirque du Cheval Performance Team

The Cirque du Cheval is a Performance Team whose goal is to introduce Natural Artistic Horsemanship to the general public through demonstrations and performance. Everyone on the team is encouraged to participate, although performances are not mandatory. Instead of shows with competition, the performances will showcase what is possible through imagination and play.

Participants in the Cirque du Cheval program learn to develop a relationship with their equine partner without the use of force, intimidation and punishment. Our willing horse partners play on-line (with a lead rope), at liberty (with no attachments), freestyle (riding on a casual rein often without a bit or saddle) and do tricks.

Some performances are solo, some in pairs, some in groups. Some participants ride while others do groundwork, dancing with their equine partners. Punkin Patch Farm has two minis, and five bigger ponies and horses. You can join the program with your own horse as well.

Liberty, freedom, tricks, dancing with horses. The Cirque du Cheval program at Punkin Patch Farm brings your dream of playing and performing with horses to reality. Develop your relationship, natural artistic horsemanship skills, bring on your imagination, show your potential. Join the Cirque du Cheval performance team in its quest for producing a non-competitive horse show to remember.

Cirque du Cheval team members are expected to have their own equipment including helmets, carrot sticks, savvy strings and 12’ ropes. Minimum age is 10.

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