Preparation for Colt Start Clinic with Kathy Knight

June 18 – 22 9:00 to 4:00
At: Punkin Patch Farm, 338 ch du Petit Brulé, Rigaud, Qc J0P 1P0

$300 – Participant with horse

$250 – Participant without horse

$50 – Horse without participant

Maximum 5 participants.

Register here.

If you would like to join the clinic but don’t have a colt to start or re-start, we will be accepting colts from friends and will find a partner for you.

Help your horse learn what is necessary to be ridden in a calm and relaxed manor. The preparation course helps horses understand the basics of a good foundation: how to be in a respected/respectful relationship with a human and how to be curious about new objects and ideas. The human partner learns how to teach and correct their equine partner using both positive and negative reinforcement (giving reward, giving release). We will asses what the horse knows and fill in the training gaps, asses physical fitness and help the horse build the necessary muscles and balance to carry a rider and assess the mental and emotional state of the horse to see if it is ready and willing to learn in a relaxed way. The minimum age for horse: 2 years.

Some of the groundwork exercise will be:

  • Parelli 7 games to Level 3 on-line (with a rope)
  • Parelli 7 games to Level 3 liberty
  • Ground manners
  • Horseman’s dance (go, stop, back up, turn right, turn left)
  • Obstacles including stationary, moving and sound
  • Ground tie for grooming and saddling
  • Accepting the saddle in motion
  • Obstacles with a saddle
  • Ground driving with one or two long reins
  • Take a walk in the forest
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