July 29 to Aug 1 Lesson Week 3

Our natural artistic horsemanship lesson weeks (day camps) are family oriented and filled with horse activities. You will be able to advance your horsemanship skills at your own pace using horses that are trained Parelli L3 or L4. You will learn what it is like to take care of your own horse; feeding, mucking and grooming as well as playing with your horse on the ground on-line (with a rope attached), liberty (without a rope) and tricks and riding freestyle (without contact) bitless.

We will put a purpose to the learning by creating a short performance or doing horse agility with obstacles which we will video. While riding, we will practice extreme cowboy or working equitation obstacles.

When the horses are having their lunch, we will have a horse craft time where participants can make their own halters or other rope horse equipment, or a leather project such as cookie pouch or bracelet.

Would you like to bring your own horse to the lesson weeks? That is also possible.

$200 – Participant without horse (includes horse rental)

$210 – Participant with horse (includes 5 days stable – you bring feed)

Includes participation is Schooling Show Aug 2

You may be eligible for a discount.

Register here.

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