Preparation for Colt Start Clinic with Kathy Knight

July 2 – 6 9:00 to 4:00
  • Participant with horse: $250 + $50 for stall rental (bring own feed)
  • Participant without horse: $250 and do chores for assigned horse
  • Horse without participant: $50 (bring own feed)
  • At: Punkin Patch Farm, 338 ch du Petit Brulé, Rigaud, Qc J0P 1P0

Maximum 5 participants.

Register here.

If you would like to join the clinic but don’t have a colt to start or re-start, we will be accepting colts from friends and will find a partner for you. Also note that all riders are required to wear an approved riding helmet while mounted. If you don’t have one, one will be provided.

Once the horse understands the basics of a good foundation on line we will advance and refine his skills. We go through the Horseman’s dance with a person on the ground as well as a rider so the horse can transfer the use of ground aids to riding aids. The rider will learn that one rein is for control and two are for communication, including theory lessons on understanding growth plates for bones, optimizing horse posture and tooth care. Minimum age for horse: 3 years. Minimum age for human: 12 (if experienced)

Some of the exercises will be:

  • Stand still for mounting
  • Horseman’s dance mounted
  • Neutral lateral flexion (soft, gentle turning of the head in the direction of travel)
  • Hindquarter disengagement (taking the power away)
  • Riding as a passenger (horse and rider tuning into each other’s feel and muscles)
  • Start with a smile
  • Stop with a sigh
  • Direct rein turns
  • Indirect rein turns
  • Use of neck string and carrot stick while riding
  • Obstacles ridden
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