Welcome to Punkin Patch Farm

Punkin Patch Farm is a natural artistic horsemanship stable. Horses are our partners and we strive to build co-operative relationships with our best friends. Our farm is as organic as possible. Our horses get 24/7 turnout in the summer and 12 hour turnout in the winter unless the weather is really bad. Grazing is limited to 2 hrs/day. Hay is the best quality low sugar hay we can get. Concentrates are high protein, low sugar. There are four or five feedings per day. All horses share play pens with buddies with similar food or play requirements. Our horses are barefoot except when ridden out, when they wear horse sneakers.

Kathy Knight is the owner and head trainer. She has owned horses for 55 years and has been coaching for about 35 years. Although she did her coaching program through the Canadian Equestrian Federation, she finds that natural artistic horsemanship is much more exciting and a lot better for both horse and rider. Natural artistic horsemanship is a never-ending journey of self-improvement that is only limited by the time and energy you spend with your horse. She is also a certified coach with the International Society of Rider Biomechanics. Kathy is also a lifelong student. She has achieved a level 4+ with the Parelli program and is now a Straightness Training Mastery Student.

Here’s Kathy’s Horsemanship Résumé.

Check out Kathy’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kathy.knight.984

Horses don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Natural artistic horsemanship is about love, language and leadership. Horses love leadership and will do their jobs better with heart and desire. Natural artistic horsemanship is the foundation for any form of equestrian sport: dressage, jumping, reining, games or trail riding. Natural artistic horsemanship is about safety, building trust, solving problems and just enjoying playing with your equine partner. Level 1 gets you started safely. Then you can refine your skills and really start to live your dreams.

Punkin Patch Farm offers a number of clinics per year. Please “like” our FB page and check regularly for our events: https://www.facebook.com/PunkinPatchFarm/

Become the horseman your horse needs you to be.

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