girl with chestnut hair braiding chestnut horse's mane

Camps are an amazing “first contact” opportunity for children and their families.  For children already involved with Punkin Patch Farm the, camps are a great opportunity to dive deeper into the world of horses and develop new skills. For all participants, camps provide an wonderful opportunity to make new friends with a shared love of horses. 

Punkin Patch Farm offers weekly Natural Artistic Horsemanship Day Camps for children ages 10 to 99 during Spring & Summer Break. Parents sometimes sign up as well, which allows children under 10 to participate with parental supervision.

Our day camps are family oriented and filled with horse activities. You will advance your horsemanship skills at your own pace using horses that are trained Parelli Level 3 or Level 4 and will learn what it is like to take care of your own horse; feeding, mucking and grooming as well as playing with your horse on the ground On-Line (with a rope attached), Liberty (without a rope), doing Tricks and Riding Freestyle (without contact) bitless.

While the horses are having their lunch, we have a horse craft time where participants can make their own halters or other rope horse equipment or leather handwork projects such as a keychain, horse treat pouch or bracelet.

You can use our ponies or bring your own horse. Participants provide their own lunches.





All camps and clinics for 2020 have been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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