Natural Artistic Horsemanship

Our courses empower you to train your own horse.
girl with chestnut hair braiding chestnut horse's mane

Punkin Patch Farm is a small horse farm which promotes and teaches relationship-based Natural Artistic Horsemanship. Instead of conquering and forcing our language on them, we learn to use the body language of horses. It opens us to new ways of communication, not only with our horses, but with other animals as well as with other humans.

Because horses are prey animals, horses look for good leaders to fulfill their needs: safety, shelter, food and play.  Natural Artistic Horsemanship is about learning leadership skills. It’s a “never-ending journey of self improvement” according to Pat Parelli, the man who coined the term “Natural Horsemanship”.

The Punkin Patch Farm Natural Artistic Horsemanship Program is a program of horse care. We teach our students the basics of horse care: feeding, grooming, keeping them clean, healthy and happy. Students learn safety, about protecting their personal space and sharing space with their equine partner. They learn how to give a horse a task by using as little pressure as possible, increasing it only as necessary and rewarding the slightest try. They learn how to encourage the horse to ask questions and think in the right direction.

Horses are very intelligent and sensitive and read the inside of a person before they read the outside. It is up to us, as students, to become more aware of ourselves, our feelings, our emotions and our body movements, finding our zero. It’s about developing a relationship with our horse so the horse will be more confident and better able to learn.

Punkin Patch Farm has developed a relationship-based Natural Artistic Horsemanship Program incorporating training and coaching from over 35 years of experience working with people and horses. Natural Artistic Horsemanship provides a solid foundation for any discipline of riding. Your horse will look forward to the time you spend with him.

We use the International Horsemanship Association Grades of Horsemanship.

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