About Kathy

woman with sparkling skirt cantering on blond haflinger
Kathy & Johann Festival au Galop 2017

Kathy Knight is the owner and head trainer at Punkin Patch Farm. She has owned horses for 55 years and has been coaching for 35 years. Although she did her coaching program through the Canadian Equestrian Federation, she finds that Natural Artistic Horsemanship is much more exciting and a lot better for both horse and rider. Natural Artistic Horsemanship is a relationship-based never-ending journey of self-improvement that is only limited by the time and energy you spend with your horse. She is also a certified coach with the International Society of Rider Biomechanics and an International Horsemanship Association Horsemanship Professional and lifetime member. Kathy is also a lifelong student. She has achieved a Level 4++ with the Parelli program and is now a Straightness Training Mastery Student.

She was born in Revelstoke, B.C. Her fourth word (after daddy, mommy and cookie) was horsey. It was love at first sight.  On her way home from kindergarten, she often followed the big milk wagon horses back to their stable and brushed them as high as she could reach.

She got her first pony, Billy Boy, a 14.2 hh black Welsh/Arab gelding when she was ten.  The family purchased their second horse, Sarah Q, a 16.2 hh Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse when she was 13. When Kathy was 14, one of her dad’s coworkers was from Austria and had learned horsemanship with the Austrian army. He gave her a snaffle bit and the book The Complete Training of the Horse and Rider from the Spanish Riding School which became her bible and she developed an interest in Classical Dressage.

The one constant thing in her life has been horses. Taking one or two people for rides in the mountain developed into a trail riding business with 15 horses. Around that time she completed the Western Coaching Program with Carole Walton at Quantlan College in Langley, BC.

Woman in fancy red jacket and white pants with brown pony and black pony.

In 2003 she sold her farm in BC, packed up her four horses, four dogs and cat while her new partner, Wolfi, packed up his apartment in Germany. They bought a farm in Rigaud, Quebec and named it Punkin Patch Farm after Kathy’s miniature horse, Punkin Dude.

She has also studied Trick Training with Carole Fletcher, Straightness Training, the Parelli Program, and is currently studying Horse Speak with Sharon Wilsie, Working Equitation and Cowboy Obstacles. She continues to upgrade her education so she can be the best horsewoman she can be.

Kathy is a Horsemanship Professional and lifetime member of the International Horsemanship Association.

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